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he inhaled his scent. he smelled of (ingredient 1), (ingredient 2) and something undefinable, that was uniquely (name of buttsex partner) every single fanfiction uploaded in the last two years oh my god  (via brood-of-froods)

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I did that redraw thingy :)

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Actual Quotes from my Dad (An English Teacher)

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je selfie                   nous selfions

tu selfies                 vous selfiez

il/elle selfie              ils/elles selfient

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Hercules + scenery

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One factor that makes interaction between multi-ethnic groups of women difficult and sometimes impossible is our failure to recognize that a behaviour pattern in one culture may be unacceptable in another, that is may have different signification cross-culturally … I have learned the importance of learning what we called one another’s cultural codes.
An Asian American student of Japanese heritage explained her reluctance to participate in feminist organizations by calling attention to the tendency among feminist activists to speak rapidly without pause, to be quick on the uptake, always ready with a response. She had been raised to pause and think before speaking, to consider the impact of one’s words, a characteristic that she felt was particularly true of Asian Americans. She expressed feelings of inadequacy on the various occasions she was present in feminist groups. In our class, we learned to allow pauses and appreciate them. By sharing this cultural code, we created an atmosphere in the classroom that allowed for different communication patterns.
This particular class was peopled primarily by black women. Several white women students complained that the atmosphere was “too hostile.” They cited the noise level and direct confrontations that took place in the room prior to class as an example of this hostility. Our response was to explain that what they perceived as hostility and aggression, we considered playful teasing and affectionate expressions of our pleasure at being together. Our tendency to talk loudly we saw as a consequence of being in a room with many people speaking, as well as of cultural background: many of us were raised in families where individuals speak loudly. In their upbringings as white, middle-class females, the complaining students had been taught to identify loud and direct speech with anger. We explained that we did not identify loud or blunt speech in this way, and encourage them to switch codes, to think of it as an affirming gesture. Once they switched codes, they not only began to have a more creative, joyful experience in the class, but they also learned that silence and quiet speech can in some cultures indicate hostility and aggression. By learning one another’s cultural codes and respecting our differences, we felt a sense of community, of Sisterhood. Representing diversity does not mean uniformity or sameness.
—Bell Hooks, Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center (pages 57-58)

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james t kirk is an incredibly important fragile unexpected beautiful character who’s flawed and melodramatic and dorky and handsome and sexual and weird and HUMAN and cranky sometimes and deeply in love other times and a li’l chubby most of the time and he needs to be protected from everyone who thinks he’s a dumb hick who goes through women like tissues. protect james t kirk. this is the new prime directive

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miss-ingno asked, "I'm not sure I understand that article correctly, especially since I'm not in the fandom (I heard about the same-sex flirting option in dragon age but no clue what else the game is about) - they say " with some characters just being one sexual orientation" have fixed one-directional orientation. How many characters does that make? All of them, a couple, few, too many? (I agree though that calling it realistic is really biphobic here - let the players decide what to make a character would you"

Tbh I’m not entirely sure myself. Bioware is notably mum on things like relationships in these games. So goodness only knows what the number is. It could only be a couple characters. But that they said ‘realistic’ is a huge wtf moment.

So In Dragon Age along with the hackyslashy there are romance options. These can affect gameplay and endings and the like. You make the person happy, prod and poke around the story, and romance (we dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home happy)

Generally in Dragon Age the level of straight and bi characters has been up in the air, DAO (first game) was equal, DA2 was heavily queer, whoop, (though there hasn’t been a specifically gay/lesbian character). DAO had two straight characters and two bisexual characters. In DA2 all the romances were bisexual except for a straight male but he was from the DLC (downloadable content).

So maybe they’re making it 50/50 again. But yeah ‘realistic’ is definitely the issue here. Bioware is stupidly vague on this regularly, but the biphobia was definitely unnecessary.

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tony stark who has stark tower set to identify individual people as they enter by playing certain songs as they walk through the door or even take a step inside

steve and bucky walk in together and suddenly there is a garbled mix of both “the star spangled banner” and “enter…

Sam is totally I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly.

Rhodey gets Lola by The Kinks. He will never live down that one Spring Break. But when Tony gets needled about it enough, he changes it to Waiting for Superman by The Flaming Lips.

Pepper didn’t haveta even wonder. Hero by Paramore. And when she raises her eyebrow at the ‘ordinary’ comment, he smiles and says thank you again for saving him. And she lets it slide.

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Literally sitting there with coworkers at lunch talking about how I was helping people with comp issues and their Apple problems instead of transferring. Got told I was trying too hard.

Had a boss come up after work and be like “listened in on a call, and I thought it was really good you tried to help them even though it wasn’t really your jurisdiction”.

… HA!

(though in all fairness I also had a call where a poor dude had to wait 40 mins for me to get my shit together and figure out how the hell to fix his texting and he wasn’t chatty… 40 mins of agonizing silence D: but I did good mostly! still counts, and I fixed the damned text messaging, glad boss dude didn’t listen to that call, ahahahaha… haaa…)

Oh and random update? Bus Boy is an “equalizer”, mentioned jerkface from last night and he started to make a comment on equal treatment and I shut him down with “yeah, but I never said anything to him so I didn’t deserve that and he was a dick” “well yeah no he was but-” “no buts. *grits teeth*”.

So Bus Boy is delegated to work acquaintance now. He’s not bad, but not great. So acquaintance.

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